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Wang Hui got 7th Beijing TV Chunyan Award Best Television Personality Top 10
2013-07-02 17:43:41

  On 29 June, 17th Beijing TV Chunyan Award Ceremony held in Beijing TV. Huang Hong, Ni Ping and some famous star also attended. The TV drama Beautiful daughter-in-law got many awards and honors. The famous presenter, producer, Beijing dating brilliant general manager Wang Hui got 7th  Beijing Tv Chunyan Award Best Television Personality Top 10.the famous director Zheng Xiaohong , Liu Jiang won the same award.

(Middle:Wang Hui )

  In the ceremony, Chen Baoguo and Song Dandan won TV drama best actor and best actress by Zhi Zhe Wu Di and Li Chun Tina’s Spring. With Yang Shan Zhou and Life Is A Miracle, Li Xuejian and Zhang Ziyi won film best actor and actress Wang Hui said it was honor to be here and won the award. It was an encouragement to him and he will carry on. Recently, Beijing Datang Brilliant Media produced many popular TV dramas, such as Bottom Of Men, Worry In Women, The Flowers, Secret Agent, Big Family, Love In Family and so on. Under the leadership of Wang Hui , Datang Brilliant Media became a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and a leader in the creation, production, distribution, planning, marketing, talent agency and their related businesses. Besides these, the famous actor Wang Ji, Yu Hewei, Shao Wen, director Zhou Weijie, producer Liu Bin also set up his own studio with Datang Brilliant Media.When talked about new TV dramas, Wang Hui said the aged TV drama Raging Flame just finished with high ratings on 28 June. In July, the fashion idol drama Love Rotation will be put on. Except these, the new TV dramas like Lei Mo, Had Not Escape Time are now in post production and have sign with some TVs. Zhan Huo Lian Tian and Love Do Re Mi are in shooting.

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